Don't let your inventory control you

Future Tool Systems Cloud products help you manage all of your inventory from anywhere using the power of the cloud.

Way more than just "vending"

  1. ­Admin Tools

    • Centralize management of your inventory
    • Track consumption to specific job or G/L Code
    • ­Run reports, download and analyze in Excel
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  2. ­Mobile Management

    • Access your inventory from any device any time
    • Check on stock outs and backorders on the go
    • Manage your inventory on the shop floor
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Track your inventory from end to end

Future Tool Systems Cloud products manage all of your inventory needs. From procurement to consumption, Future Tool Systems can automate your inventory-related tasks.

  • Procure

    Automate your repetitive reordering tasks to increase productivity.

  • Consume

    Our Nimbis™ interface automatically makes personalized recommendations by analyzing employee's consumption.

  • Track

    Get detailed reports about who used what tool for what job.